Thursday, 31 October 2013

Vampire Teeth Cookies

Decided to make a scary mouth for this halloween. This cookies is so easy to assemble.  All ingredients are ready made which can be obtained in any supermarket.

  • packet of hob nobs, any flavour
  • mini marshmallow
  • silvered almond, cut to look like fang
  • some buttercream icing mixed with red colouring. You can buy a ready made from Betty Crockers and put into a pipping bag. Cut the tip off to make a small hole.

Cut the biscuits into half. Then pipe the red icing along the edges of the biscuits. Arrange 6 mini marshmallows along the icing and add one marshmallow in the centre so that the biscuit hold properly.  Ice the other side of the biscuit and place over the marshmallows to make it looks like a mouth.
Add a little icing on the almond and stick onto the marshmallow to make it looking like a fang.

Happy trying !!!!!

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